"MyHeritage is a multilingual platform for creating genealogy and family Websites, with many benefits for fans of genealogy, including a clever genealogy search engine and face recognition technology for genealogy. MyHeritage is by far one of the most advanced PHP applications written to date, coded from the ground up using highly object-oriented PHP5 and utilizing the entire spectrum of PHP features and functionality. Converting MyHeritage to run on Phalanger was a beneficial process to both these systems, as Phalanger was optimized to deal with additional PHP elements and scenarios, and MyHeritage was enhanced to handle issues which may only be found by compilation rather than interpretation of code as in standard PHP. Following this work Phalanger is ready for prime time more than ever."

Gilad Japhet, CEO, MyHeritage.

MyHeritage is scheduled for launch in a few months.

Added on 13 July 2005.

PhpMyAdmin 2.6.1-pl3

PhpMyAdmin is a well known tool for administration of MySQL database. To make it running on Phalanger, just download a configuration file Web.config.txt, rename it to Web.config, and place it into the PhpMyAdmin root directory. Of course, don't forget to configure appropriate virtual directory in IIS as described in Phalanger User Guide.

PhpMyAdmin works as is, without any changes to its source codes.

Added on 16 May 2005.

phpBB 2.0.13

Well known bulleting board system by phpBB Group. We have created a live forum on in where we would like to discuss all issues related to Phalanger with you. You can also report bugs there. So do not hesitate and take your part in the discussion!

We made a few very small changes in the scripts. Phalanger doesn't support recursive Perl regular expressions and that's why we have to replace the only one used in the phpBB with a function that does the same task. We've also reported several bugs in the phpBB itself and we hope those will be fixed soon by the phpBB authors. More information can be found in Installation Guide.

Try phpBB powered by Phalanger and Microsoft SQL Server 2000.
View source code.

Added on 23 March 2005.

PHP-Nuke 7.5

An application based on PHP-Nuke: Web Portal System version 7.5 developed by Francisco Burzi et al (see credits). The application is a free software under GNU General Public License.

Changes to PHP-Nuke 7.5

Although authors claim that PHP-Nuke supports MSSQL there are some problems with it and we suppose PHP-Nuke has never been tested with MSSQL. SQL queries often contain column names which are keywords of MSSQL and there are some other problems. We've made some changes in order to make PHP-Nuke working with MSSQL. However, there were no additional changes needed to run it on Phalanger! All the problems were with the SQL which is more or less platform dependent, particularly on MySQL database. We hope PHP-Nuke authors will make appropriate fixes in the future and then no modifications would be necessary to run PHP-Nuke on Phalanger and Microsoft SQL Server.

The PHP-Nuke portal running on this server contains no users, articles nor messages as it usually does. It's a clean installation.

Try PHP-Nuke powered by Phalanger and Microsoft SQL Server 2003.
View source code.

Added on 28 February 2005.


PHP-GTK sample applications shipped with PHP-GTK. Several minor changes were done to those scripts since there were errors such that those samples can work neither with PHP interpreter. Scripts were compiled to console or Windows application (GTK.exe) and packed into a zip file along with the source code, configuration files, and Visual Studio .NET 2003 solution and projects. After you install the Phalanger you can run shipped .exe files and see how PHP-GTK compiled applications are working.

Download and try PHP-GTK applications bundled in a package.
View source code. Each file is one GTK application.

Added on 28 February 2005.

Luboss Accomodation

A simple web application used for reservation of apartments in houses located in the center of Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. The original application running on is powered by PHP 4 interpreter. We made no modifications to the application source code except for commenting several lines of code to disable e-mails sending. The application has been made by a non-professional PHP programmer and it's code is not the perfect one. However, many applications have such source code hence it is a good material to test the compiler and run-time libraries on.

IMPORTANT: Rooms are not reserved in a real world so you can try how the application works on Phalanger without any obligation implied by reserving a room. The original application sends e-mails when a reservation is confirmed. This feature is also disabled so you will receive no e-mails on confirmation.

Try Luboss Accomodation powered by Phalanger!
View source code.

Added on 25 December 2004.